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Denise Dixon-Cooper


I am a creative brand strategist with 25 years of experience
producing digital marketing campaigns, conceptualizing brand
development and strategy, and designing websites and graphics for
a diverse group of clients. I've operated Noir Elite Consulting and
Management for 6 years and bring my positivity, business savviness,
and analytical and organizational skills to each client. I lead with an
innovative spirit and strive to bring the best outcomes to each client
through my dedicated work ethic. I serve businesses, non-profit
organizations, and higher education professionals. and assist in
developing digital infrastructures, brand voice, and brand identities
in the business, media, and entertainment industries.

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Trayvon Martin Foundation

Brookings Institute

University of Maryland at College Park

Institute in Critical Quantitative, Computational, & Mixed Methodologies

Exploration in Diversifying Engineering Faculty Initiative

Dr. Rashawn Ray Professor of Sociology at University of Maryland at College Park

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